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History of Singapore XiangQi General Association

1934 Formation of the Chess Association of Singapore Chinese at Pagoga Street. Started to organised Xiangqi Competitions at national level.
1935 Visit of Xie XiaXun and Zhou DeYu, Xiangqi experts from China.
1939 Activities ceased owing to break out of world war II.
1949 Organisation restored with registration exempted. Set up an office at the New World Amusement Park.
1951 Publication of "Xiangqi in Singapore", the first book written by two members.
1954 First Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Xiangqi competition in the air.
1959 Re-registered as Singapore Chinese Chess Association.
1962 Organised the first national team competition.
1967 Introduction of player grading - division A and division B in national open tournament.
1968 Hosted the first South East Asia Chinese Chess Tournament, which has become the Asia Cup Championships today.
1971 Moved into the Sports House at Farrer Park. (The building was completely destroyed by fire in 1983.)
1972 Changed its name to Singapore Chinese Chess General Association. (The word "Chinese Chess" was changed to "Xiangqi" in subsequent revision of the constition and the English name abbreviated SIXGA.) Term council changed from oneyear to two years.
1973 Organised the first inter-constituency tournament.
1977 Organised the first Qiwang (King of Xiangqi) tournament.
1978 Formation of the Asia Xiangqi Federation, of which SIXGA is a founder member.
1979 Started the Singapore-Malaysia Annual Challenge Trophy Tournament, which is hosted alternatively by Singapore and West Malaysia. Held the first Straits Times Cup National Open Championships in the same year.
1980 Opened an activity Centre in Foochow Building.
1983 Jointly organised the first ASEAN Masters Invitation Tournament with Jo Chiat Community Centre and Beidou Chinese Chess Club, which has developed into the ASEAN Xiangqi Team Championship.
1985 Hosted the 2nd Asian Masters Invitation Tournament.
1987 A new grading system was introduced. Players are classified as Master Division A player or Division B player basedon their performances in recognized tournaments. Publication of the first Xiangqi book in English language "ChineseChess for Beginners". Organised the Guinness Cup Masters Invitation Tournament.
1988 Hosted the 5th Asia Cup Championship.
1989 Won team champion and individual champion (the late IM Tay Hai Boon) in the 7th Zhongshan Cup Tournament in Taipei.
1990 Hosted the first World Xiangqi Championships which was reported as one of the top ten news of the year. The then first DPM Mr Ong Teng Cheong was the Guest-of-Honour for the opening ceremony. Our "Queen of Xiangqi" Teo Sim Hua emerged as the first lady world Champion, while Winston Williams won the title in the non-Chinese division.
1991 Introduced the rating system to assess the strength of players. Singapore is the first country outside China adopting this system. Clubhouse Shifted twice during this year.
1992 Gave up the clubhouse in Geylang owing to high maintenance cost. Held most activities at the Khe Bong Community Centre.
1993 Joined the newly formed World Xiangqi Federation.
1994 First Lianhe Zaobao Cup National Open Championship replaces the Straits Times Cup. Started to work with the Singapore Weiqi Association, Singapore Chess Federation and Singapore Contract Bridge Association to raise fund for the building of a common clubhouse - the Singapore Intellectual Games Centre.
1995 Hosted the 4th World Xiangqi Championships.
1997 Moved into permanent clubhouse in the Singapore Intellectual Games Centre, a permanent home at last.
1998 Organized 1st "Wong Kan Seng Cup" together with Singapore Wei Qi Association, Singapore International Chess Association and Singapore Bridge Association.
1999 Organized 1st "Chan Soo Sen Cup" (by Bishan Community Centre).
2000 Organized Intellectual Olympics Xiangqi Championship (By Manpower & People Service Association).
2001 Hosted dinner for SIXGA 67th Anniversary
2002 Our National Team clinched 5th in the 12th Asian Xiangqi Team Tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2003 Our National Team clinched 6th in the 8th World Xiangqi Championship in Hong Kong
Successfully hosted the 11th Asian Xiangqi Master Tournament in December
2004 Successfully organized a series of celebration for SIXGA 70th Anniversary


Our National Team clinched 6th position in the 9th World Xiangqi Championship in Paris, France

Our National Player clinched 6th position in the 12th Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship in Manila, Phiilipines